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the creator and project leader of IamFuture Ecosystem.
Maya Bernaia
Adventure seeker
Decision Maker
Self-made girl from the suburb
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What I do:
Worship Beauty
Open up to Opportunity
Add Value
Create Future
Care about People and Nature
Appreciate Change
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IamFairplay Validation Platform
IamFuture Investment Recommendation System
IamFuture DAO
What the media say:
Responsibility is the price of greatness, but freedom is the greatest of all

“‘The price of greatness is responsibility,’ said Winston Churchill. But freedom has a higher cost; it comes at the expense of others who help you make your dreams come true and bring them into reality,” says Maya Bernaia, founder of IamFuture. “That is why you must find something that comes from deep down in your soul and will inspire your entire team to take action. You need to gain input from the team on what should be done next or how best to go about doing something. You want the team to be a part of the success story, not just the mission. 
“It is important to create a sense of harmony between team members so that no individual loses sight of the goal. If someone does then everything falls apart. The road to success requires consistency and thoroughness. You walk it with people who trust you know the way, and your team expects the best example and the highest standard of honesty from you. Only freedom of mind unlocks the power of creativity, and doing right with the right people on board makes you free and unbeatable.”

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IamFuture launches the exclusive Metaverse platform Metarollers for sports enthusiasts.

"It's incredible; you can achieve what you want and what you like to be in today's Web3 environment. Yesterday we could not even dream about this. It brings equal opportunities for everybody and total freedom, " tweets Maya Bernaia, the self-made entrepreneur woman behind the idea. A great example of freedom and creativity is Rollerouge, the influencer of the project, a professional rollerskater from Canada who is famous for his bright shows and incredible creativity in sports and vlogging.

The Metarollers also introduce a new approach to the NFT industry, bringing more solidity, equality, and functionality. Starting their Rainbow marketplace, they encourage players to offer to the market various in-game items, powerups, boosters, enhancements, avatar upgrades, etc. The specific feature is that users can easily mint their own NFTs based on the collectibles they picked by playing and offer this unique product to the global market. The encouragement of creativity and talent to emerge is enormous.
The project represents the rare independent initiative to shape the digital space and bring uniqueness and equality to the worldwide e-sport community. The Token launch is scheduled for 30 August 2022, with the landmark event in Monaco and Dubai.

Currently, IamFuture Global Team, the producer of Metarollers, provides the opportunity to invest and participate in the further development of the game and its community. IamFuture facilitates its clients and users in various aspects such as strategy and development marketing, two-way connection crypto-fiat, NFT and Metaverse strategy, and decentralized finance consultancy. Crypto represents an attractive investment vehicle, one of the most speculative and volatile assets, with a specific dose of sensitivity and emotional guesswork drivers. Additionally, IamFuture takes a courageous and solid attempt to minimize crypto market investment risks through forecasting and recommendation strategy. It has been developed by the IamFuture team founded and led by Ms. Maya Bernaia, a female entrepreneur of Ukrainian origin, by machine-learning and two-dimensional data analytics.
The Metarollers ecosystem was entirely inspired by the self-made female entrepreneur and rollerskater Ms. Maya Bernaia and is being realized in partnership with the indie game studio. The artifacts and mysterious discoveries within the ecosystem can be used to get additional income pleasantly and creatively. The Metarollers environment provides a unique opportunity for meeting celebrities, performing tricks, discovering mysterious and new items, and presentational and commercial activities.
The uniqueness of the approach is based on the combination of AI participation in forecasting model building and statistical methods implementation for a specific part of the project. The concept of a unique intuitive recommendation system fully covers:

Insights on the short-term cryptocurrency price dynamic.
Real-time recommendations on the future values for the price.
An organized approach to crypto data.
Various investment types profiles compatibility;
Possible investment decision facilitation.
The project is offered to the market with the promise to reduce stress and extend vision for the crypto traders, who have been disappointed multiple times recently. In her public speeches, Ms. Maya Bernaia repeatedly stated that only a future-oriented mind could be successful. The essential feature of a true entrepreneur is future vision and the ability to foresee. IamFuture, the digital holding associated with Ms. Bernaia, is significantly exposed to forecasting and strategic future-oriented projects worldwide.

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